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Allied Health Services

Our extensive team of allied healthcare professionals offer a wide range of programs and services to support your health.  To contact the Alliston Family Health Team to schedule an appointment call (705)435-8887.


STOP: Smoking Cessation

If you smoke cigarettes and are interested in quitting smoking, we can help!

We have specially trained smoking cessation counsellors who are ready to assist you with your quit plan, successes and challenges.

The STOP smoking cessation program offers counselling support and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT: patch, gum, inhaler and lozenge) at no cost to patients/clients who want to quit smoking. You will be referred to a smoking cessation counsellor and asked to complete a consent form agreeing to participate in the program and then complete our questionnaire. Your smoking cessation counsellor will meet with you at regular follow up visits every two to four weeks to receive additional NRT for up to maximum of 26 weeks.

Talk to your health care practitioner to see if you are eligible to join the STOP program.

For free telephone support for quitting smoking call the Smoker’s Helpline in Ontario at 1.877.513.5333



During your pregnancy our nurse is here to help you learn about breastfeeding, to teach you about making milk for your baby and to teach you how to know that your baby is growing well. After your baby is born, you may want to connect with our nurse for breastfeeding support or for further direction to access help with breastfeeding your baby.


Exercise is Medicine

The only prescription with unlimited refills!

Regular exercise (150 minutes per week) lowers risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

Our RN and respiratory therapist offer a weekly Nordic walking program.  This program is free and allows people to exercise in a group, at their own pace and in a safe and controlled setting.


Healthy Diet

Our dietician can provide support and guidance for patients with specific diet related concerns, obesity, health issues that require diet modification and information about Canada’s food guide.


Managing Medications

Our pharmacists work closely with you, your family doctor and other members of the health care team to ensure that your medications are the best choices for you.

Our pharmacist will meet with you one-on-one in the clinic. In this meeting our pharmacist will:

·         Ask you questions to gather a complete medication history;

·         Review all the medications you are taking (prescriptions, over the counter and herbal supplements) to check for any problems and to improve effectiveness and safety;

·         Assist with chronic disease management;

·         Answer your questions about your medications.


Lung Health

Our Respiratory Therapist works with our patients who have lung disease to provide care, develop action plans for times of illness and provide in house testing.

He is able to work with patients, providing them education about their illness, connecting them with resources and community supports and adjusting their medications.

Chronic disease management

Our RN works closely with patients who have a chronic disease that is having either short term or long term effects on their quality of life.

She acts as a “gateway” between the patient and their family physician so that the patient has direct and convenient access to care.

If you have a chronic disease and feel you need a higher level of support that you are current receiving, please speak to your physician about a referral to the chronic disease management nurse.

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