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Mental Health Services

There are many situations in life that can affect your mood. Sometimes being sad or worried is a normal part of life, and you will get over it with time. But if your low mood or worrying gets bad enough that you don't find much joy in your day to day activities, or if you no longer enjoy activities that you used to, you could be suffering from a mood disorder.

If you have any of the following problems in your life, speak to your doctor and ask if you should be referred to a Mental Health Counsellor or to one of the Mental Health Groups.

·         Depression

·         Stress or anxiety

·         Family problems

·         Divorce/separation

·         Drug or alcohol problems

·         Bereavement/loss

·         Work-related problems


All of our mental health services are covered by OHIP. You will be seen for an initial consultation and then our mental health counsellor will advise as to whether you should continue seeing them or if there is a more appropriate service that they can refer you to.

Where necessary our patients will be referred to a psychiatrist for confirmation of a diagnosis or advice regarding treatment.

Our team offers a confidential and judgement free approach. Contact your family physician today for more information.

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